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Dreadnought: Great War at Sea

Hi all, big news today!
As you've no doubt been aware, I've been furiously making a scratch-built fleet of WWI-era ships. My faithful readers out there will also note that I've not put an update on those models in ages, and they're absolutely correct. I've not been building models, but what I have been doing is putting on the finishing touches on a Dreadnought-era rules set. This has been a project that I've had in the works since the mid 90s and it's stuck with me. Rebooting my scratchbuild project also rekindled my desire to reboot my rulebook.

So after two years of refactoring, designing, and laying up graphics, I'm finally ready to roll out some alpha testing on my project. I think I've got a good set of quick-play rules, but the jury (that's you!) is still out on that verdict. So I need your help to test out my game and shoot me some feedback so I can improve mechanics, rip out ones that aren't working, and generally bash these rules i…

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