About Me


I'd like to extend a very warm welcome and a thank you for visiting Scary Biscuits Studios!

My name is Mike Haught. I'm a hobby guy and I have an impossible number of them, which keeps me quite busy. I decided to start this blog as a way to plug into the hobby world, follow some brilliant blogs, and get inspired to try new hobbies and techniques.

My main hobby interests are:
  • Indoor and outdoor free-flight model aviation
  • Miniature wargaming, painting, and terrain modelling.
  • Scale modelling
  • Designing games of all types and varieties
  • Reading (specifically medical, military, and exploration history, classic science-fiction, and more)
  • Writing (this blog, small research projects, and currently working on a very, very slow-burn sci-fi story).
Once again, thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to drop in some comments to my articles. I love hearing from you.

Happy reading!

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