Soviet Update

All my Soviets so far...
and a strategically placed Dystopian Wars rulebook.
So the NZ Mid-War Grand Tournament is coming up next weekend and the final and furious phase of painting soviets is in full swing. It's a doubles tournament and I'll be attending with my brother Andrew. When I say 'doubles' I mean two players playing on the same team together on the same table against another pair, also playing on the same team. I say that because there seems to be some confusion between this and some other types of 'doubles' or 'teams' tournaments. Anyway, now that those confusions are cleared up, here's what I've been doing to get caught up on my half of the team's army. I apologize for the really crappy photos, but hey, I'm on vacation and I gotta use what I got, a 10-year old digital camera!

Strelkovy Company
So, Andrew and I have been noodling up some lists and we finally settled on Soviets. This was probably because I told him we're playing Soviets, and as the older brother I got my way. ;)

We wanted to take two Soviet militia battalions backed by two Sthraf (penal) companies. But there was simply no way we were going to drum up nearly 150 infantry teams between the two of us in addition to all of the support material. So we decided to go with a Strelkovy (me) and Mixed Tankovy (Andrew) combo.

My List:

HQ: 160pts
+ Sapper Platoon & Reinforcements (9x pios)  
Strelkovy (full): 310 pts
+ Kommisar 
Strelkovy (full): 305 pts
No Kommisar 
Mortar Company: 100 pts
9x 81mm mortars
Heavy Mortar Company: 75 pts
4x 120mm mortars
Flame-thrower section: 80 pts
2x Flame-thrower teams

Andrew's Army in progress
Andrew's List:
HQ: n/a
Light Tankovy: 305 pts
8x Stuarts w/ 7x AAMG
Hvy Tankovy: 670 pts
5x KV-Ie, 2x KV-2

Team total: 2000 pts

I've got a lot of stuff finished and I'm particularly happy to be done with the bulk of my infantry. I've still got all of the mortars to do. Nine medium and four heavy mortars for the list form what I like to call the Soviet Demigod of War. Nine mortars, even if they are medium, gives me a double-wide template and re-roll misses (key for conscript artillery). 

Anyway, getting close. Andrew and I are working on the last bits now. I'm looking forward to the tournament and hopefully the Brothers Haught will be a force to contend with during the upcoming weekend!

Pioneers for the Headquarters Company
Regimental Guns


  1. looks awesome. good luck.

  2. very nice indeed!!! what did you use for the flocking really like the color contrast on the bases

  3. Go Brothers Haught! You guys going to snap some pics of your combined might? It would be cool to see both armies next to each other.

    Tear it up men.

  4. thanks guys! I'll see what I can do to put together a small tutorial on the basing used here. I need to archive it for any future army expansions :) But the short answer is that I used a combination of static grass flocks as well as some bushes to break up the base's color. More on that process soon!

    Thanks Mars, we will certainly document our armies using a superior phototakingmachine!

  5. Your static grass flocking looks really fluffy. Do you do anything in particular to get it so thick and standing up? I can only do one or the other.


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