Bewildering Musings of an Addled Mind

I sat down to write something as I figured it was about time for an update or something. I couldn't come up with anything as all I've been painting is Romanians... so I tried to think of something else to write about and then realised that I didn't want to be that kind of blogger that uses their blog to ramble on about something simply to have another post to put up. But then I realised that that is exactly what is going on here and there really is no other way to disguise it. So before it gets too carried away, I thought I should just stop writing and move on to work on something worth writing about maybe tomorrow. But this post has in fact already gotten carried away and its just turning into a massive ball of unorganised, if slightly amusing, mind sludge. So rather than trying to make it something its not, by which I mean its of any redeeming value intellectually, I figure I'll just go down with the ship and see where this takes me.

It could be anywhere really, no one can be certain where free-form dribble will take you. Usually is a strange place, and sometimes not one worth remembering, which is exactly the situation I am finding myself in currently. When one looks back across the last few lines, there is positively no nuggets of wisdom worth remembering, and I'm confident that we should all just stop while we're ahead before any more brain cells make the ultimate sacrifice and throw themselves off a cliff like a pack of retarded lemmings.

Interestingly enough, I was just thinking about lemmings yesterday. Crazy.