MWGT Part 2

Writer's Note: Blogger has been acting up so it's taken me a while to get this portion posted, so some of the text may be a little dated.

Day two of the MWGT  finished up this afternoon. We had a Bye for the fourth game, allowing me to just take photos and watch, which was precisely what I needed.

The first order of business for me this morning was to judge painting, which gave me a chance to snap a shot of the armies. I apologize if I missed any and for crappy photos!




Game 5: Free-for-All
Notes: Easy flowing battle, lots of mayhem and fun.
Result: 5-2

Game 5 was versus fellow BF staffers Mark Hazell (KiwiColour) and Casey Davis. We had a great game and we took the whole thing easy. Strelkovy charged into the teeth of Das Reich T-34s and German pioneers assaulted KVs. It was a high-risk game on both sides and we had a good time.

And now for some general photos!

 Above: Same pose, different day... That's Nodnol in a nutshell.

  Above: Mark Hazell contemplates the magnitude of Brothers Haught's pure awesomeness.

  Above: hahahahahhahahahaaa

  Above: My Strelkovy is fixing to reclaim that there T-34.

  Above: The brains behind the Brothers Haught. Cheers to you, brohan!


  1. That are some nice armies and terrain tables.

  2. It was alot of fun being team mates. though that last photo is a bit scary!


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