Stalin's Europe Panthers!

So I've been doing a lot of secret squirrel painting for work, which as been dominating my hobby time lately. The unfortunate side effect is that I haven't had much to show off or write about lately. However, I found a moment in the schedule to crack out a company that I've been wanting to do for many years, ever since the original Ostfront: a Pantherkompanie!

I've painted several Panthers in the past few years, but surprisingly none of them were German! One was an FFI Panther (they operated two around St Nazaire in 1945) and two were Polish (during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944). I've also painted a pair up for my Soviet Decoy tank platoon. So that's five non-German Panthers right there!

So, with the release of the Panther G (my favorite model of the tank) model, I've decided now is the time to actually add some Panthers to my collection!

I've painted them with a green tone camo scheme and I've added a significant amount of mud weathering to the road wheels. I think the weathering has a little more to go on it, but overall I reckon they are table-top ready!

Besides, some one has to build the Panthers to crush Steve's T-34s ...


  1. They didn't look so good as they shot up my poor Shermans today.... /sigh!

  2. Yeah, now that they've tasted blood they want more!

  3. Nice stuff my friend ... glad to see some hobby time freed up for you

  4. Great looking panthers! I love the muted green and yellow, it blends very well

  5. Beautiful paint job, very well done!

  6. I like them a lot Mike. What did you use for the mud?

  7. Looking sharp! I second the mud question. I'm just about to begin weathering on some tanks of my own, but they are in space viking blue camouflage.


  8. The mud is a simple three-tone brown quasi-drybrush with a really shitty brush. The shittier the brush the better the splatter result.

    It works for 15mm, but I reckon you'll need to bulk it out a bit for 28s. I'd probably try to add a little vinyl spackling to the paint to give it a little dimension.

    The colors are:

    VP872 Chocolate Brown (base on undersufaces & wheels) or any other rather dark brown.
    VP873 US Field Frab (50% coverage of Choc Brown)
    VP874 US Tan Earth (50% coverage of Field Drab)

    Sorry they are all Vallejo paint colors. Basically I used a graduation of orange-ish earth tones.

    Cheers for the comments!

  9. Awesome looking Panthers, top notch stuff. I'm a huge fan of Panthers, and love seeing well painted ones, so thanks for the pics!


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