A Bridge Too Far: A TCOW Campaign

Turn 1 is upon us! We're playing through Firestorm: Market Garden at TCOW over the next few weeks, and here's the result of the first turn!

This week, we had five games lined up. The Allied strategy was focused on breaking out at the bridgehead and making a move into Holland from the border. A couple of Allied generals dropped behind enemy lines, but a good number of German spoiler attacks hit the British ground forces hard.

Andrew commands the Allied forces and executes his parachute jump, including some exploitation moves to seize critical roads, bridges, and towns. Greg commands the Axis and orders a general defense along the border.

Initial attacks are locked in! The focus is along the Dutch-Belgian border areas.

Andrew's (Allied commander in chief) Welsh Guards engage Greg's (Axis commander in chief) FJ along the Valkenswaard Road to Eindhoven.

Greg's FJ block the way to Eindhoven.

David's 11th Armoured Division is counterattacked by Gavin's KG Knaust on the right flank.

Pat's notorious KG von Swoboda blocks the way on the left flank.

Paul's 82nd Airborne attacks Swoboda's gunline with the support of 30 Corps artillery

Greg's FJ counterattack the Welsh Guards!

David pushes his troops forward into Gav's troops

Jonathan's grenadiers, backed by Panzer Brigade 107, attack James' Canadian infantry.

Literally moments after this photo was taken Greg's whole battery was wiped out,... by universal carriers...

Damian's Red Devils hold the line against Ryan's KG Knaust in a fight for Nijmegen.

The troops buckle down for some Market Garden battles.

The results for turn 1.
The Germans managed to hold both flanks against the Allied advance, scoring some victory points for attacking an Allied supply area. Andrew's Welsh Guards move towards Valkenswaard and Damain secured Nijmegen. Otherwise, the German generals succeeded in foiling all other Allied attacks. The Allies are going to need to pull together to get some forward motion!


  1. VP totals!

    The Allies captured Nijmegen earning them 50VP. However, as they cannot trace a line of supply back to the Allied Supply Depots, it is only worth half points, so 25 points. Andrew also snagged the Boxmeer Bridge using exploitation moves for another 5VP (10VP if in Supply). This brings the Allies up to a total of 30VP for the end of this first turn.

    The Axis begins holding all of the game board's VPs, a total of 326. The Allies' capture of Nijmegen puts them at 266VPs (-60VP, but the Allies can only claim back 30 so long as their captured areas are out of supply). However, two Axis players successfully attacked two supply depots. As they cannot advance into those areas, they instead got +10 VP per depot successfully attacked. So the Axis has a total of 286VP.

    Final standings:

    Axis: 286VP
    Allied 30VP

  2. Wow, this is cool! Our club will also be playing the Firestorm Market Garden campaign in October.
    Looking forward to more batreps :)


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