Christmas Plans

Happy Holidays internet friends!
And a happy upcoming New Year!

I have the unbelievably good fortune to be able to come home (Phoenix, AZ) this year for Christmas. So, when you are reading this, I'll be winging my way stateside for a little R&R. Since no trip could be separated from my hobbies, I've got lots of gaming plans lined up for while I'm home. Here's a little look into what we've got lined up this holiday season.

Shifting Sands
The Arizona Desert Rats put on one hell of a good show, so when Mark Francis (Bullyboy) told me that they were going to hold an event in the same timeframe as my visit I couldn't be more pleased with the coincidence! To make it even better the event is themed for the Battle of the Bulge, one of my favorite campaigns in the last half of 1944.

To find out more about Shifting Sands, visit the AZDR main website here... 
or visit the Flames Of War website article on Shifting Sands 2013 here ...

You may have been following Mark's and my progress toward the event on the Flames Of War website. Its a series of articles titled Commandos vs. Engineers, owing to the theme of our two armies, which faced off at Malmedy on 21 December 1944.

Commando vs Engineers Part I: The Beginning
Commando vs Engineers Part II: Building Forces for Shifting Sands 13
Commando vs Engineers Part III: Painting Forces for Shifting Sands 13
Commando vs Engineers Part IV: Creating the Battle of Malmedy Scenario
Commando vs Engineers Part V: Digging In For Battle
Commando vs Engineers Part VI: The Guns of Malmedy
Commando vs Engineers Part VII: The Last Update

The Battle of Malmedy 
Mark and I thought it would be fun to get in a special pre-Shifting Sands game that focuses on the Battle of Malmedy. We could engineer (no pun intended) our force and the scenario parameters to recreate the game.
Mark has been busy putting together a battle of Malmedy table, which will also be featured at Shifting Sands for general play. Our plan is to play the game the weekend prior to the main event. I'll keep you posted on when we'll actually play so that if you are in the area you can drop by and hassle us.

Visiting the Local Shops
I've got a list of local shops that stock Flames of War and Gale Force Nine, so I'm going to try and visit them all while I'm there. If you happen to read this and own a store in the Phoenix region, drop me a line ( and I'll swing by while I'm there!

Other Gaming
No doubt my brother will keep me busy with all sorts of gaming, boardgaming, and more, so I'll keep a record of it all and report back as soon as I can on the highlights of the trip. My main goal in this area is to at least play some X-Wing, Caveman Versus Mammoth, some Muskets & Tomahawks, and maybe even some good ol' Pirates of the Spanish Main!

Well, I hope that you have had a very Merry Christmas! I'll see you next week with some New Years Resolutions....