I Need Another Weekend!

Wow, what a week! I'm absolutely exhausted after a very long, yet fun week. So, I wasn't able to get a lot done in blog-land, but I'll catch you up on the week's activities.

Now that everything seems to be getting back to normal, I'm excited to get cracking on my promise to deliver a post a week. Hopefully I can generate some content, even if its a little update here and there.

I've got several fun projects lined up and I just need to bust through a few previous painting commitments before I can get to them. The one I really want to get to is a mod for Muskets & Tomahawks, an 18th Century skirmish game. I think it would be suited for skirmish warfare in the American Civil War, and I have a pile of Perry Miniatures ACW figures just waiting to be painted!

I also have a scenario I'm working on about the Murzuk raid, that I'm really dying to get into and no doubt I'll start talking about that very soon. So, without further ado, a week in review:

WWPD Down Under
We had Steve from WWPD down in Auckland to visit and get an inside view of the Battlefront studio in action. It was great to have him down here and we hope to see him back soon!

You can read about his experiences here:

Day 1...
Day 2...
Day 3...
Day 4...
Day 5...
Day 6...

...but there will be even more coverage in the future in several different media formats.

Shifting Sands Army
Well, I've not lifted a paintbrush in over a week, so I'm a little behind schedule for the big event. I did find time this week to get the 90mm guns all ready for assembly.

I also managed to squeeze in a practice game with my list against Steve while he was here. Hopefully that battlereport will be posted on WWPD, assuming Steve has recovered from his flight!

It just wasn't that Panther's day...
Vic and I got to try our first game of X-Wing. It was pretty damn fun and I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping Sienar Fleet Systems in business over the next few months!

It's funny how all X-Wing games look the same!
Caveman vs. Mammoth
CvM got its first playtest game in that wasn't just Sean and I playing. It ran well, and I'm grateful to the guys for bearing with me as I hammered out a few wonky areas and re-wrote some rules. It seemed that the guys had fun, which was a good sign.

There are definitely some areas that can use some improvement, and Sean and I have some ideas for the next round of testing. A big thanks to Wayne, Sean, Steve, and Evan for having a go!

Got a game (or two) of Saga in last week with Wayne. In the first game, my Normans got slaughtered, but revenge was dished out in excess when I tried out the Jomsvikings battleboard. Not sure how I feel about those guys. They seem pretty rad!

Dick Smithy
We rounded the week out with a BBQ at Chris's place, where we discussed  poo tongs infomercials and visiting the Dick Smithy. Many thanks to Sean for bringing the latter to life in this week's Highscore Kid comic:

Well, there was a lot more than just those things above that went down last week, but honestly, I'm broken and need to go to bed! So, until next time, thanks for reading!


  1. Very Busy week!

    Quick question about CvsM, is the game above a chance from the original idea? I didn't think it was a hexed backed game?

    Thanks Ben

    P.S. your US are looking great!

    1. Hi Ben,

      The game is loosely based on the original idea. After some testing Sean and I felt it would be better suited to a boardgame format. I'll soon have a beta version together to download so that everyone else can have a try. I just need to make some adjustments to the cards after last week's game.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. Hi Mike

      Thats really cool, I look forward to giving it a go when the Beta comes out. I have been looking for a new game for some time and your humour really helped make CvsM.

      Thanks Ben

  2. Awesome Update... Yeah i need to get started paining my sands list as well. I am liking that you have been getting some x-wings games in, I have a fairly good collection, 6 tie fighters, 2 advances, 4 y wings and 3 X-wings. Sad that they are pushing back the new stuff till next year... but anyways have you gotten any X-wing models yet or are you using someone else's models? between my and Oliver's collection we are going to have some epic battles during the holiday so it is good that you are getting some practice games in.


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