Silly Little 1000-point Forces

Right! We've reached the end of the year and its time to partake in a time-honored tradition called King of the Playtesters. Now, I should qualify that in two ways, perhaps three: 1. Its not actually "time-honored" as this is the first year for this prestigious title, and 2. Its just king of the local playtest group, not all of groups globally. Perhaps one day we can hold an Emperor of the Playtesters event, but that may have to wait until the invention of Trekkian Transporters. And finally, just in case you were wondering, no I'm not going to discuss playtesting!

Anyway, to celebrate another year of playtesting (and this one was a big one!) we thought it would be fun to put on a little 3-round, 1000-point tournament on the last playtest night of the year, with the object of crowning this year's King of the Playtesters. So the question becomes what to take?

Option 1: US Engineers
This is my recent focus and it is really easy to pair down my Shifting Sands army to make 1000-points:

015 pts - HQ
260 pts - Engineer Platoon (with 3x Bazookas, 1x Pioneer Supply Truck)
260 pts - Engineer Platoon (with 3x Bazookas)
255 pts - Towed Tank Destroyer Platoon (Trained, with 4x guns and Bazookas)
185 pts - Field Battery (Veteran, with 4x 105mm howitzers)

Pros: I'm getting pretty familiar with these guys.
Cons: I'm quite familiar with these guys. I'm reaching a burnout point!

Option 2: Guards Heavy Tank Company (IS-2)
For a bit of fun, I considered this as well:

140 pts - HQ (with 1x IS-2, and .50 cal)
420 pts - Heavy Tank Platoon (with 3x IS-2, and .50 cals)
420 pts - Heavy Tank Platoon (with 3x IS-2, and .50 cals)

Pros: Heavy Tanks in a target-rich environment!
Cons: ...but I'm sure there's gonna be lots of medium tanks out there...

Option 3: Tank Destroyer Company
Why the hell not?

080 pts - HQ
405 pts - Tank Destroyer Platoon (with 4x M10)
405 pts - Tank Destroyer Platoon (with 4x M10)
100 pts - George S. Patton

Pros: I've got most of it painted
Cons: It's topical

Option 4: Romanian Puscasi (rifles)
I've not had these guys out in a while!

025 pts - HQ
275 pts - Puscasi Company (with Command Panzerfaust SMG and 2x Rifle Platoons)
275 pts - Puscasi Company (with Command Panzerfaust SMG and 2x Rifle Platoons)
285 pts - Heavy Anti-tank Platoon (with 6x Resita 75mm guns)
140 pts - Heavy Mortar Battery (with 6x 120mm mortars)

Pros: It's been patiently waiting for this opportunity!
Cons: No mobile assets, but then again, its Romanian!

Option 5: Romanian Vanatori (motorized rifles)
A different twist on the Romanian hordes using this little gem (pg 182 of Red Bear).

030 pts - HQ
205 pts - Vanatori Platoon (with Command Panzerfaust SMG)
205 pts - Vanatori Platoon (with Command Panzerfaust SMG)
155 pts - Divisional Heavy Anti-tank Platoon (with 3x Resita 75mm guns)
245 pts - Tancuri Medii Platoon (with 3x TA [StuG G] assault guns)
060 pts - Armoured Car Platoon (with 2x AB armored cars [Sd Kfz 222]) 
105 pts - Heavy Mortar Battery (with 4x 120mm mortars)

Pros: Romanian Combined arms! Big platoons of MG teams.
Cons: Romanian Combined arms. I'm 5 points over... maybe replace the TAs with T-4s (Panzer IVs)

Overall, I'm leaning toward Option 5 just for the fun of it! What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I would go with option 5, it's a solid list and looks fun! Plus I always have a soft spot for the minor axis.

    Which ever list you pick good luck.

    1. Thanks! I've got Number 5 all packed and ready to go! Yay for minor Axis powers!

  2. Well when you add the best army in the game Romanians how could you look at any other list? I can't so I wont... =P but really the lists for me come down to 4 and 5. 4 also has another big pro that is not listed, its stable. all the platoons are large and hard to kill. On the defense it will be a monster to try to dig out. But then there is another con, its a list that works best when dug in and laying in wait witch means that you will have a duller game because of it,. now list 5 is a good balance, yes you have weaker infantry platoons but you have some stugs, recon and artillery you hit all the boxes for a good list, you even have a good sized Anti-tank gun platoon. as for the 5 points I hate to say it but keep the stugs and drop one of your Panzerfaust, it sucks not having in both platoons but you do have a good source of AT, in fact I would swap out the other Panzerfaust and give it to the Company commander if you can.

    1. Sounds like a good idea. I'll stick with the StuGs and put the Faust in the HQ. I can't play the waiting game as its not my style, so number 5 seems to be the choice. I must have completely overlooked that motorized list originally, I really like it! It has great potential for making it a serious tournament list someday.

    2. Yeah I have played motorized in mid-war and it is a sold list, In fact thats what happened to all my German trucks from all my other lists, they turned into Romanian transports. There mid-war tank list is solid as well.

  3. I can't say much about Romanians. Never played against with them or them. But they both look fun to take. If you don't like to play the waiting game then 5 must be you choice.
    Good luck and have fun.

    P.S. I have nominate you for the Liebster Award.;)


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