Beyond the Elbe (a lot) to Hungary! --- an AAR

Like Andrew, Wayne was looking to get a test game in with his BattleCry Hungarian assault gun list so we scheduled a game for mid-week after work. As I mentioned earlier, BattleCry was 1575 points, Late War. Wayne loves his Hungarians and he had a very good list. So good in fact, it made want to build it!

I grabbed my good 'ol American Shermans from Blood Guts and Glory. After playing the Panzer Brigade against Andrew, I felt I needed to get back to basics and play some US tanks. I'm partial to the Veteran ones, so I've been tinkering with lists and tactics to get these expensive Shermans to work on the battlefield.

Wayne had six platoons, while I had four. All of the Hungarian tank platoons were Confident Veteran with the remainder being Confident Trained. I liked this aspect of the army as it gave Wayne the points to field both the tanks and two useful artillery batteries. What's more the infantry was good for jumping on objectives and following up on the tank's advances.

Rohamagyus Uteg
(Confident Veteran)
HQ (1x Zrinyi II)75
Rohamagyus Platoon (3x Zrinyi II)225
Rohamagyus Platoon (3x Zrinyi II)225
Harckocsizo Platoon
(3x Panther A)
Puskas Platoon
(10x Rifle/MG teams)
add Panzerfaust SMG10
Artillery Battery
(4x 149mm 14/31 M)
Rocket Launcher Battery
(6x 150mm 43M)

Tank Company 
(Confident Veteran)
HQ (2x Shermans)
upgrade CiC to M4A3 76mm
upgrade 2iC to M4A3E2 Jumbo
Tank Platoon (4x Shermans)
upgrade 2x M4A3 76mm
upgrade 2x M4A3 (Late)
Tank Platoon (4x Shermans)
upgrade 2x M4A3 76mm
upgrade 2x M4A3 (Late)
Cavalry Patrol
Armored Field Artillery Battery
(3x M7 Priests)
upgrade OP to M4A3 (Late)

Meanwhile, my tank company was an attempt to go with as many veteran M4A3-type tanks as possible. With 50/50 tank platoons, being Veteran, and a 2iC Jumbo to help soak up the hits, the platoons should be durable. The Priests are there for smoke and HE. In a pinch I can use their breakthrough guns to work over some entrenched infantry.

The Mission: Encounter
We rolled up encounter as our mission, so both of us had to put 50% in reserve. Wayne put his Nebs, infantry, and a platoon of assault guns in Reserve. I put my cavalry and a tank platoon. Delayed Reserves with only 4 platoons hurts!

The table had a river running across it and Wayne chose his table side (left side in the photo) so that he could bury his Trained artillery and take advantage of the cover along that side. That didn't leave much for me, so I ended up huddling behind the hill and trying to avoid his 149mm arty observers.

Game On

Wayne's Zrinyi assault guns move up to engage the Shermans.

His Panthers move up to support the advance.

The artillery fails to dig in, and instead gets ready for bombardments next turn.

My sneaky Sherman OP holds down my entire right flank, angling to get some shots on Wayne's artillery. 

My force prepares to receive Wayne's armored attack.

The 2iC Jumbo locks down an objective.

Wayne's CiC leads the charge.

Concerto in C (Sharp) takes a direct hit! First blood to the Hungarians.

The M7s retaliate and knock out a Panther with a TOT bombardment.

Revenge is a bitch for 'Fireball'. (The irony of the tank's name was not lost on us)

A volley of 75mm and 76mm shells knocks out an assault gun. 

Hungarian artillery takes down the 2iC!

The doer of the deed!

My left flank is cut wide open with another bombardment from Wayne's 149s!

Hope arrives in the form of a Cavalry patrol and a Tank Platoon on the right flank. I angle my mortar jeep to draw a bead on the 149s, looking for a little payback! The Shermans scramble for the gap in the wood.

Wayne and I exchange some ineffectual shooting with our concealed Veteran tanks.

A Zirinyi bags an M7.

Wayne's assault guns arrive on the right flank and mix it up with my reserves in a knife fight.

Wayne knocks out an M4A3 Late

I knock out an assault gun with my Sherman OP (what?!).

...but miss entirely with all of my Shermans and an M8 Greyhound.

Wayne pushed for the left objective and eliminates the last of the platoon's M4A3.
I don't have much left to counter with!

Wayne receives his infantry and they quick-time it to the front.

Wayne moves into the rear of my Shermans, but lucky for me he misses as badly as I did the previous turn! The 76s dispatch the assault guns.

The infantry hauls ass up to the treeline.

I risk my CiC to knock out Wayne's last Panther. I accomplish it, but that infantry is mighty close!

Wayne's last assault gun (the CiC) and Panther try to eliminate my M7s. Using the burning hulks and the village, he can't seem to get any shots to connect. Lucky! Meanwhile a near point-blank bombardment knocks out Wayne's CiC.

Sucker-punch! See ya CiC!

With nothing but a pair of M7s to guard the objective, Wayne's got this in the bag unless I press home the attack on his 149s.

After a quick assault, the objective is cleared! The loss of the artillery forces a Hungarian company morale check, which Wayne cannot pass since his CiC was destroyed earlier on. 
A 5:2 US Victory!

That was a remarkably close game! I thought Wayne had it in the bag once that platoon on the left was destroyed. When his infantry came up to seal the deal, I thought I was a goner. Luckily the Shermans on the right flanke were able to engage the 149mm artillery. With an AT of 8, his guns had difficulty dealing with my Front Armour of 7, so the run in was easier than I had first thought. Another turn and Wayne's infantry would have knocked out my M7s and had the objective. Very close!

Thanks for game, Wayne! ...and I hope your assault guns can lead you to victory at BattleCry!


  1. Nice job, a beautiful AAR! THis battlefield is really great...

  2. What do Hungarian Panthers look like? I have never been able to find a real picture.

    1. Judging by photos, Wayne figures they came in German colors, and perhaps even had German crosses on them. So, I'm guessing they were a bit too busy to repaint them!

    2. That is what I suspected but hoped against. It would be nice if they did something different. Wonder if anybody has link to some pics.

    3. I'll ask Wayne tomorrow. He might have some, but I suspect they are in his library of everything Hungarian.

  3. Is that objective on the train tracks flat? ;)

    1. Flat enough for government work! ;)

    2. Nope! The only digital photo he has it the same one posted on WWPD, sorry! He's not sure he can do any better from book photos.

  4. As much as I hate to say it (and I really do)...could you do with a couple more Jumbos?

  5. I did at one point. Expensive in a Vereran list! I'd have to lose a 76mm and that makes me uncomfortable in terms of AT.


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