FlamesCon 2014: An AAR

Last weekend was FlamesCon, the big Auckland Flames Of War event hosted by Battlefront. We ran several events:

  • Late-war Grand Tournament (both days)
  • Late-War One-day Tournament (Saturday)
  • Late-War One-day Tournament (Sunday)
  • Early-War One-day Tournament (Saturday)
  • Mid-War One-day Tournament (Sunday)
  • Dust: Battlefield One-day Tournament (Sunday)

We also had a couple of After Hours events: Flames in the Sky (Phil's airplane game) and a Market Garden megabattle (TCOW's Firestorm campaign finale).

I don't have any results, but stay tuned on the Flames Of War website for the latest news and final placings.

I played in the Early War Tournament and the Market Garden mega battle on Saturday, then did admin stuff on Sunday. I ended up taking Soviets and I got smashed up pretty bad! With a 1-6 loss to Kit's DAK Stutzpunkt, a 2-5 loss to Brent's DAK panzers, and a 3-4 loss to Pat's SS-infantry, I was set to win my fourth game should there have been one. But alas, that was not to be! What I did learn is that I cannot make Wave Attack rolls. Not ever in the dozen games I've played with this army have I ever once wave attacked. I think this is a cosmic message to move on to Fearless Conscript or abandon Strelkovy altogether in favor of Motostrelkovy. Dunno, but we'll see!

Here's a few shots of my games:

Game 1 (Counterattack): So it begins...

Game 1: The Soviet high-water mark.

Game 1: Failed attempt at a VP...

Game 2 (Pincer, revised): Brent smokes my centerline, pretty much rendering my guns useless.

Game 2: Brent destroyes my guns in short order.

Game 2: After the guns break via morale failure, Brent's 8-Rads close in for the kill!

Game 3 (Free For All): Gunline moves up the hill, destroying a mortar platoon, as the Strelkovy attacks on a wide front. 

Game 3: Right flank dispatches a couple of bold 8-rads!

Game 3: Strelkovy bogs down in front of the left objective and it cut to pieces.

And here's some photos from the Market Garden megabattle (I'll have a proper AAR about this later this week):

30' of road for 30 Corps!

Germans preparing to strangle Hell's Highway

Arnhem under siege!

The assault on Nijmegen.

Finally, here's some shots of the event as a whole:

Lots of tables!

KingDan's Caunter nightmare

Italians attacking British somewhere in Russia fighting over Soviet and German objectives!

Dave's brilliant Japanese objectives

Vic's infamous Wotan

Damian's heavy gear

Sons of Anarchy boardgame (lots of fun FYI)

Nod's Henschel

Dust game in progress

Jagdtigers vs Jagdtigers!
I'll have some more on the Market Garden event coming up as well as a wee article about why I took Soviet Strelkovy!

In the meantime, have a look at the TCOW blog for some more photos!

And for some upcoming release sneak peeks, check out WargamerOnTour's blog!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice one Mike! Some great pics there and looking forward to seeing the MG AAR!

  2. I have always suspected that EW should be divided into 2 further periods, and that Desert armies are far too strong against 1939 armies.

    1. There's a lot of divisions that can be made in all of the periods, but in wide general terms the existing ones seem to work OK. Having said that, I'm in favor of book-themed events over open ones as they tend to draw out more interesting forces.


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