Strelkovy, Strelkovy Not...

I had originally planned for this article to get posted up prior to FlamesCon, but failed to set it's upload time correctly! Apparently it was set to go live in a month's time. Oh well! Better late than never!

It's that time of year again: FlamesCon 2014!

So, this year, I'm taking it easy and am going to play in the one-day Early War tournament, in keeping with my EW kick lately. I enjoyed playing my Mittlere Panzers and my Panhards recently, but this time around, I want to try something completely different: Strelkovy (from Rising Sun, page 67).

At 1500 points, here's what I'm going to take:

Strelkovy Batalon
(Confident Conscript)
Strelkovy Company
(with 2x Platoons)
  add 2x HMG40
  replace 2x Rifle teams with 2x Lt. Mortars10
Strelkovy Company
(with 2x Platoons)
  add 2x HMG40
  replace 2x Rifle teams with 2x Lt. Mortars10
Strelkovy Anti-tank Platoon
(with 6x 45mm obr 1937 guns)
Artillery Battalion
(with 8x 76mm obr 1936 guns and
4x 122mm obr 1938 howitzers)
  add Observer team15

I don't know what I want to do with the last 30 points, but I feel anything I add will be weak and a liability, taking the list to 5 platoons. 

The 76mm obr 1936 is an amazing gun in EW. Anti-tank: 10, Firepower 3+, range 32"/80cm. It's Heavy, but the Soviets can move it as a light gun. Backed by the 122 howitzers and utilizing the Steel Wall rule, I'm hoping this platoon does some real damage.

The 45mm guns are the ambush platoon, with a collective (heh, bit of communist humor there) ROF of 18, and ratings of Anti-tank: 6, Firepower: 4+. More importantly, they have HE, something many AT guns lack. Popping this platoon should take care of an enemy platoon, then probably get wiped out in turn, so I need to make sure to make it count and Volley Fire will help ensure that (come to think of it, the 76s will benefit from VF as well),

The guns are fronted by two 2/3-strength Strelkovy companies. Though not full strength, they still have 23 stands each, so they'll hold ground like nobody's business. They also have Wave Attack to help them assault the enemy, should I be forced to do so. I've added the HMGs to give me additional firepower and added the maximum number of light mortars to help lend fire over the block of troops that will surely be in their way.

Editor's note: This list didn't do so well after all!


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